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On the brink of change

The Matthew Hackney foundation is gearing up for helping more children and young people with their mental well-being. We know from numerous reports and research that more children and young people need help with this than ever before.


There is tonnes of research out there and numerous theories as to why people, including little people need more help with their mental health, and there are lots of ways to help. We know that at least 1 in 3 children have a need for support and for the more serious cases, there is a fabulous system in place to support them. There are also some wonderful charities out there who also offer specialist help.

Did you know

Children and young people will find it more difficult to learn and develop to their full potential if they are not well, this includes mental wellness. It is difficult for anyone with a mental health issue to understand their feelings, vocalise their concerns and seek help, and it is even more difficult for children and young people. Let's face it, it is a tricky time growing up and learning about the world, dealing with our hormones as well as the added modern pressures our youngsters face.

How can we help

We offer counselling to children and young people within their school environment. We work with the people that know the children and young people best, their school and their family. Our counsellors are fully qualified and vetted and have the best specialist understanding of how to help children who are dealing with issues in their lives. There are very few (if any) counselling services such as ours, within Surrey and we are proud to be working within 14 local schools with children who may not qualify for help elsewhere.

These counselling sessions are catered for each different child and all have had extremely positive results. Not only have they helped children and young people through a difficult time in their lives, in many cases, they have will also give them the tools they may need to deal with any future, as well as helping to reduce the stigma of 'therapy' sessions and mental health overall.

Help us?

We would like to offer our service to more children and young people in Surrey. You have all been totally amazing at supporting our events, organising sponsorship activities and donating where you can, and we are so very grateful to you all.

We need more help in the way of volunteers. We have a plethora of volunteering roles that we will be advertising, we need help with a variety of things from admin and co-ordinating to social media and marketing, fundraising and business planning, to name a few. Commitment and expertise will vary but you will be making a difference.

Find out more

We will be advertising these volunteer roles on our website and on our social media channels and are holding an open information afternoon where we will discuss everything in more detail as well as giving attendees the opportunity to meet us, ask questions and apply for any of the roles. Our open afternoon will be held on Saturday 29th February, more details can be found here


Alternatively, please just get in touch, we love to hear from you


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