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Interesting times call for interesting measures

We are passionate about supporting the mental health of children & young people here at The Matthew Hackney Foundation; A very small charity based in Byfleet, Surrey.

We know that there are many of us, including children & young people that need some support because they are struggling with how they feel. This can effect our day to day lives; particularly their learning and development. We know that early intervention can prevent issues exacerbating.

During these unusual times, we are unable to help many children within their school environment but are managing to support some older children and young people via video call. This is not an ideal vehicle for supporting mental health, however, it is a start and has helped dozens of youngsters since the pandemic began. In order to help more youngsters, we are actively searching for support. To reinforce our plans, it would be great to have some views of parents and young people around on line counselling. If you have a moment and this is relevant to you or a child/young person you know, please complete our very short survey here. There is lots more information about counselling on this website Counselling Services for Children and Young People (youngminds.org.uk).

We plan to continue our vital support to the 15 schools we work with as soon as we can. Our dream is to offer our service in every school in Surrey. We therefore will strive to continue our fundraising efforts and 'think outside the box' to ensure this happens.

Our newest fundraising venture is our 'Pretty and Preloved' boutique. Opening in December 2020 was very exciting. Due to the current government restrictions, we are closed for physical shoppers for the time being, however, our passionate shop manager and volunteers are working hard behind the scenes (at a social distance and from their homes), to continue to bring you the very best Preloved items. We have listed many on our ebay shop here and some are also shared through live videos and posts on our facebook page here .

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