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 As a small charity we are very proud to have the very best professionals working with us to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our service users.

We have an amazing team of counsellors that we ensure are suitably qualified and ideally experienced to deliver support to the children & young people that need it.

We also have a growing team of volunteer and employed professionals to support the charities work.

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Lisa Jones,

Lead Counsellor

Lisa has been working with us since we began supporting children & young people with their mental health.  She has been a great help and support for us while developing our services and is now our lead counsellor.  She also supports our volunteer counsellors and other counsellors with supervision and guidance.  Lisa says 


"I am an accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and I am fully qualified to work with children,  adolescents and adults. I feel very privileged to be working with the Matthew Hackney Foundation and have been so proud to watch our service grow in local schools as well as seeing children privately within the local  community.  There is such a huge need to support our children’s mental health and I thoroughly love the work I get to do. 


I have experience in working with childhood trauma, anxiety, self harm as well as having a qualification in understanding Autism, to name a few areas of training undertaken.  I feel working with children can be quite complex but very rewarding and if we can help children early on we can hope to create more confident and self regulating adults. 


As clinical lead for the foundation I look after a team of volunteer counsellors on their student placements as well as liaising with and working in schools.  I provide supervision to our students as well as offering advise to schools and families facing difficulties. 


Please do look at my private website if you’d like to know more about me. 


Lisa's Website:

Welcome | Hopfield Counselling


Elisabeth Bale,


Elisabeth, a fully qualified Child and Adolescent Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and is a registered and accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. 


Elisabeth says "“It’s a privilege to work with children and adolescents, to help support their mental wellbeing, build resilience and encourage the beginnings of self-awareness/belief/appreciation.  My Post-Graduate training was specifically based on working with young people and my experience of working with children ranges from age 5 to 25.  Working with primary age children, I use various mediums such as artwork, Lego, toys and sand to offer therapy through play as well as language; which can be more difficult for children. 


Children’s play offers an insight into a child’s internal world and can be a more honest interruption of their lives rather than working with the complexity of language therapy. 


Everyone I see is an individual and has their own path to walk and it is wonderful to be part of that journey.”


Elisabeth has also been working with us since the very beginning of our mental health support journey.  Elisabeth leads a cohort of between 6 and 8 schools in North West Surrey on our behalf. 

Paul Sept 2020[10965].jpg

Paul Thurtle,


Paul is a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (Accredited) has been working with us for a number of years.  Paul says

"Sometimes it can be very hard to find someone to talk to.  Most people are much better at talking rather than listening!

Counselling helps many people as they have someone who really listens to them, perhaps for the first time ever - they don't tell you what they think or what you should do: they LISTEN to you, without judgement or criticism.

You might sometimes feel angry or anxious or ashamed or guilty. Speaking to a trained counsellor can help relieve stress and help you to find a sense of peace and calm."

Paul worked as a teacher in London and Surrey for 20 years before making a career change into funeral directing and then training to be a counsellor!  

His specialist areas are pre-bereavement, bereavement and loss.

Paul has worked with clients on anger issues, low self-esteem and low mood. He also works with clients around the areas of sexuality and identity issues.

Pauls website http://paulthurtlecounsellor.com/

Anne Harrison

Retail Sales Manager

Anne has many years experience in retail management and we are proud to have recently appointed her as our retail sales manager.

Anne runs our Pretty and Preloved boutique, both online and within our retail premises.  She also supports our wonderful retail Volunteers and our charity manager.

Email; shop@thematthewhackneyfoundation.co.uk

Penny Hackney

Founder and Charity Manager

Penny founded the charity in 2010 and along with the help and support of our strong board of trustees.

email; penny.hackney@thematthewhackneyfoundation.co.uk