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Precious time to appreciate YOU

It's always so lovely when people take time out of their day to show their appreciation.

We recieved this lovely thank you letter recently from a school we have been supporting;

I’m writing on behalf of the off all of us here at here at [a local] School.

We can’t thank you enough for bringing [our counsellor] to us and funding her invaluable support, skills, expertise and kindness to our school, and in turn supporting some of our children.

We valued her expertise so much that we asked her to support some additional children here ... of which we funded.

[She] truly went above and beyond to make a difference for these children and I know touched the hearts of each and every one of them.

[She] has also given us support in the way of advice, encouragement and clarification of actions and plans.

You have found yourself a truly special therapist, woman and parent in [our counsellor] and on a personal note, I feel privileged to have met and worked with her.

If you are ever in the position to be able to offer us similar funded support, I’m confident we’d would jump at the chance.

We wish you all the very very best in expanding your charity in the future as your work and supported is very much needed and appreciate. Also, we would love to hear about your progress as a charity, so please keep us updated with all your amazing work.

We are so very proud of the work we are doing with the children and young people within schools and individually. We know we are helping to change lives and receive so much verbal feedback along similar lines.

Children and young people have far more to deal with than I did as a child. It has been widely reported that at least 1 in 3 children need support with their mental health and schools have added mental wellbeing to their already full curricula, OFSTED will be reporting on this soon. The Matthew Hackney Foundation funds individual or group counselling for children and young people and we have plans to extend our service further, with the addition of guided workshops, family learning and community support, in order to remove the stigma around mental well being as well as offer wholistic support to families and the community. This is dependant on funding among other things. We are currently researching the best way to do this and working with professionals in order to ensure we offer the best support using the most recent research.

We would not be able to change lives without your support, every single penny that has been raised, donated, worked for, is put to good use. Watch this space for further updates and our future plans to help support more children, young people and their families. Thank you each and every one of you for all you do for our cause. YOU make the difference.

Our next fundraising event is coming up very soon and there are a few tickets remaining. Please see our website Thematthewhackneyfoundation.co.uk or https://www.facebook.com/events/413638162568180/ for further information or if you can help with a raffle or auction prize, please get in touch.

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