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Keeping them peeled for Innovation and Creativity

During these very strange times we, like many charities, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals, we have been getting our brain cogs going, trying to come up with innovative ideas to bring in much needed funds because our usual avenues are just not there or available.

We know that our services, supporting children and young people's mental wellbeing will be in more demand as we move out of lockdown. Many reports state that many more of us will be affected than ever, which is understandable during this pandemic, and worryingly 75 per cent of young people aged 13-24 who have a pre existing mental health problem have said it has become worse during the pandemic, as reported by Georgina Hayes for The Telegraph in this article.

In recent years there has been many campaigns, articles and insights into mental health and the importance of getting support, talking to each other, bringing this health issue out into the open and raising much needed awareness. The impact of mental health issues on children and young people's development and life chances can be huge and supporting these is a much needed service. Young Minds website reports that before the pandemic 1 in 10 children have a diagnosable mental health condition. The Matthew Hackney Foundation are able to reach children and young people earlier, offering funded counselling sessions. Helping children and young people earlier can stop emergent problems escalating among other benefits as reported by Andy Bell for the Centre for Mental Health in this article.

Our main fundraising events this year are on hold or in jeopardy. Our main event, the 10th Anniversary winter ball, due to be held on 7th November, is up in the air also. We are unsure if social distancing rules will allow for this to take place, which could be devastating for our fundraising budgets for next year, a year when we are most likely to be in more demand than ever. It is always a fabulous event, full of fun, entertainment and merriment; A perfect way to raise funds in Matthew's memory and ensure we can continue our amazing work. See a video below showing pictures at one of our magical events. Fingers and toes are crossed that we are able to hold it this year.

Urgently seeking innovation and creativity

We recently held two Pop Up shops after receiving kind donations from our supporters, at Byfleet Cricket Club and The Blue Anchor pub. We had some fantastic nearly new and new stock for sale and lots of shoppers came to see us, raising over £500 during the 2 events. Our Volunteers have also been hand making re usable fabric facemasks for sale, which have gone down very well. We are working our way through many advance orders and once they have been completed, we will be selling these on our website.

Having so much lovely stock left over, and much more in the pipeline, we thought we could open a more permanent Pop Up shop in order to continue this success, so are actively looking for premises/shops/outlets etc., so if you can help us find something on a temporary (or more permanent) basis, please do get in touch.

Can you help?

We are also looking for and open to more innovative and creative ideas and help in order to raise further funds in order to ensure we can continue to deliver our much needed services, as well as extending our offering if at all possible. Please contact me at penny.hackney@hotmail.com with any ideas, advice, offers of help and anything else that is relevant. I would LOVE to hear from you.

Thank you for reading this blog, please share among your friends and contacts if possible and please stay safe and well. Take care of yourselves

Penny xx

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