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Awarded National lottery funding

We are absolutely delighted to be awarded a grant from the National Lottery Community

Fund, to deliver a limited amount of online counselling sessions for children and young people in Surrey.

We have adapted during the past year, like everyone else, and are very proud of our fully qualified counsellors who have stepped up to ensure all of our children & young people can continue to be supported during these very difficult times. Although counselling online isn't the ideal scenario, our counsellors agree that it is certainly the next best option and have supported children & young people throughout the pandemic, when, they needed help the most.

We have been awarded funding to support a limited number of children or young people with part-funded counselling to be delivered online through video call with one of our fully qualified counsellors.

We have prepared a straightforward online form for you to complete in order to apply for online counselling (yourself or for a child or young person), on the counselling page of our website here. (Please scroll down for the form). Once completed and if counselling is suitable for your needs, we will be able to begin counselling at a mutually convenient time within 1 week of application.

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch via email: info@thematthewhackneyfoundation.co.uk or telephoning Penny Hackney on 07876798137

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