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Reflecting on Mental Health Week

Two weeks ago marked 2024’s mental health week! It was a perfect opportunity to reflect on mental health and raise awareness of mental health disorders. Not only that, but it encourages us to take action to support mental health charities and organisations available to us (like us!). The themes for this year’s Mental Health Week include anxiety, nature and mental health, kindness, and body image.

Throughout the week there were various events, campaigns, and TV shows that help to educate the public about mental health and reduce the stigma around talking about our emotions and worries. Not only this but it helps to provide resources to those struggling with mental health issues.

It signified a time for us to come together and look out for those who you know may be struggling. It is a week for talking, sharing stories, and providing each other with information about mental health conditions. Most importantly, it is a time to reflect on yourself and your own needs and experiences that have shaped the person you are today. It is a reminder to look after yourself and allow time to breathe away from the stress of life. REMEMBER mental health not only impacts you emotionally, but also physically.

This year, The Mental Health Foundation have placed a specific emphasis on the importance of exercise in helping mental health issues. They explain on their website that “regular physical activity is proven to improve mental health, quality of life, and wellbeing”. Getting out and about for as little as 30 minutes a day can significantly improve your mental and physical health.

There are a multitude of activities and events that you can get involved in to help spread mental health awareness. The Mental Health Foundation’s website has a lot of different ways in which you can get involved. Please take a look at their website here. Not only do they highlight different ways to take part, but it also has links to donate, as well as statistics on mental health that are particularly interesting and help to explain the ongoing mental health crisis.

Throughout the week, there were a multitude of events and TV showings that helped to spread the word about mental health issues, thus aiding the reduction of mental health stigma. The BBC recently showed a live lesson on mental health, specifically targeted towards young people that can be watched here.

Although mental health week is extremely important at spreading awareness of mental health issues, it is important to remember that those suffering from mental health problems deal with them every day of the year. Our aim at The Matthew Hackney Foundation is to support children who need support with their emotional worries and challenges in their everyday life.  We are passionate about providing early intervention to those who do not have access to support elsewhere.

Types of presenting issues can vary from troubles at home, to the loss of a loved one. Regardless of what has happened, our counsellors dedicate themselves to supporting the adults of the future.

Our website contains links to apply for counselling. We have a limited pot of funding available for children and young people, and their carers, who do have access to CAMHS or any other type of support. This part-funded service is specifically aimed at young people who are no longer in education or children who do not attend a school in which we already offer counselling support.  We also have limited funds to offer support to parents/carers if they find that their own mental health is affecting their children. Please follow this link in order to view our application form.

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